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Impeachment Leader Wexler Targeted

The right wing is out to get Robert Wexler for leading the impeachment drive.

Wexler is the first member of the House Judiciary Committee - the body that would initiate impeachment proceedings - to call for hearings.

Now Wexler faces two self-funded opponents blasting his support for impeachment and a hostile local paper ridiculing Wexler.

Writes Daniel Ellsberg in an e-mail:

Help me support ">Robert Wexler&;s re-election. ... If Congressional leaders in 1973 had &;put impeachment off the table,&; Nixon would have served out his term -- despite demonstrably criminal behavior-- and he would almost certainly have renewed the bombing of South and North Vietnam through 1976, to no effect other than countless additional deaths. Today, members of Congress have a similar moral challenge – as they weigh their duty to the Constitution against perceived political risk. ... If you would like to contribute to Robert Wexler by mail, please send a check to:

Wexler For Congress Campaign
2500 North Military Trail
Suite 251
Boca Raton, FL 33431


September 21, 2008 - 7:25am