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But I don't LIKE Spam!

You may have noticed a string of spam on the site - that&;s what I get for, you know, sleeping.  At the moment I&;m too busy running around in Madison to figure out if this is some outgrowth of the Conficker worm, or just a slug of people trying to take over the site.

In any case, for the time being new accounts on the site are going to have to be approved by me - which in this case means that nobody will be able to make a new account and blog the same day.  Or perhaps the same week. I hate that, since I&;ve always wanted this site to be open to differing viewpoints and to be an easy resource to use - but still, we&;ve been sending out a lot of tripe on our RSS feed since last night, and it&;s time for it to stop - as to what the policy will be in the long run, I&;m not sure, But at least until I get back to Downsville, you&;re going to have to convince me that you&;re an earnest soul to blog on the site.



May 2, 2009 - 1:09pm