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Help Send me to Netroots Nation

A couple of quick notes here, which you will hear about incessantly over the next few weeks:

I am applying for a DFA scholarship to Netroots Nation.  This will pay a large part of my cost for going.  I went in 2007, and found it a great experiance and a wonderful opportunity to interact with other progressives from around the country.  Unfortunately, money is tight here in rural progressive land, and although I would love to go, I really can't afford it this year without some help.  You can help to send me along by going to and supporting me online. I'd greatly appreciate it and it will help to make Uppity Wisconsin better as well as helping me to get great ideas for ----


Netroots Wisconsin --- Netroots Wisconsin is on for September 25, in Madison.  Netroots Wisconsin is a regioinal conference of Netroots Nation, and will be the great gathering place for all Wisconsin Netroots/Cheddarsphere folks.  We're looking for ideas for the conference -- if you have any, please go to, register on the site, and submit your own proposals for sessions.  We're also looking for people willing to volunteer in almost any role for the conference, so drop a note while you're there telling us you want to help out.

Enough for today, you'll be hearing more soon.


June 3, 2010 - 7:03pm