There will be a Community Conversations meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 6:30 PM to discuss the upcoming Heath Care Referendum in Dunn County. The meeting will take place at United Methodist Church, 2703 Bongey Dr., Menomonie, WI. 

The text of the referendum reads "Shall Congress and the President of the United States enact into law the creation of a publicly financed, non-profit, national health insurance program that would fully cover medical care costs for all Americans?”

This is an FAQ about the health care referendum as prepared by Margo Hecker

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dunn County, Wis.,

National Health Insurance Advisory Referendum

  • Could you explain what “national health insurance advisory referendum” means in simple language? That’s a complicated idea.

“National” means that this proposal would take effect in the entire United States of America, if voters in enough local governments approve the referendum and the government adopts it.

“Health insurance” is a term for the U.S. for-profit business system in which the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of medical and psychological issues is treated by licensed medical professionals and that health care is paid for by that insurance.

“Advisory” means that voters are advising their local government about their opinions on this matter. However, the local government may choose not to act on an advisory referendum although a majority has voted “yes” or “no.”

“Referendum” means that this question has been referred to voters to approve or deny in a specific election. Referendums give a voice to the people to speak about issues affecting our government.

  • Why should this referendum be important to me?

The U.S. health insurance system is founded on expectations of profitable business rather than effective, medical care that meets the needs for our health care. U.S. medical costs for residents of our county, state and country are excessive for everyone. Private businesses are expected to pay health insurance for their employees; some have difficulties making the payments. Medical costs are increasingly being transferred to business employees, who also must pay insurance copays and deductibles. Insurance companies may delay or deny health care. Some people are unemployed or “fall between the cracks” and don’t qualify for any form of health care, including Medicare or Medicaid.

  • Who is behind this health insurance advisory referendum?

Ordinary people of Wisconsin are behind this movement. These ordinary people told the Dunn County Board of Commissioners Legislative Committee on July 22, 2022, that they wanted this referendum on the Nov. 8, 2022 ballot. The full Dunn County Board met July 27 and unanimously approved putting the referendum on the ballot in a voice vote after ordinary people again spoke in favor of the advisory referendum. Not one person identified their political party before or after speaking at the meeting. These meetings can be watched on You Tube under the Dunn County, Wisconsin designation.

  • When will we vote on this?

The referendum will be voted on in the Nov. 8, 2022 election in Dunn County. The question asks: “Shall Congress and the President of the United States” enact into law the creation of a publicly financed, non-profit, national health insurance program that would fully cover medical costs for all Americans?” Voters can answer “yes” or “no.”

  • Isn’t this national health insurance advisory referendum an extra expense for taxpayers?

There is no extra cost for more space on the ballot; there already was room. The referendum vote will occur during a regularly scheduled election; there are no special election costs. The only additional costs for the county are to publish the referendum, which is listed as Referendum No. 1, in local news media.

  • Why is this referendum being voted on in Dunn County and no other Wisconsin county?

Dunn County is a leader in what may become a national movement. A few other Wisconsin counties are watching to see how this advisory referendum will be received and may schedule a similar referendum in spring 2023. Other people in the United States have also expressed interest.

Prepared by Margo Hecker for Community Conversations, Menomonie, Wis. 9/1/2022

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