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Menomonie School Board votes for optional masking in the fall

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Menomonie School Board Meeting for 8/9/2021

August 9, 2021

The SDMA school board will vote tonight on the COVID plan for the upcoming school year, including whether masks will be required for students. Tonight's agenda:




MONDAY, AUGUST 9, 2021, 5:30 P.M.

Menomonie School Board votes provisionally to require masks for grade school

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Menomonie Special School Board Meeting

July 26, 2021

In a surprising vote in the most recent Menomonie School Board meeting, the board voted 5-3 to require masks for K-6 students in the district this fall. This is a reversal from the current policy in which masks are optional throughout the district. This is a provisional vote, and the actual vote for the masking will take place at the next school board meeting on Aug. 9.


Gov. Evers Seeks Applicants for Eau Claire County District Attorney

July 13, 2021
MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers announced today he is seeking applicants for Eau Claire County District Attorney. The appointment will fill a vacancy created by District Attorney Gary King’s resignation, effective August 14, 2021. The new district attorney will serve for the remainder of the unexpired term that ends January 2025.

Menomonie School Board Meeting for 7/12/2021

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Menomonie School Board 7/12/2021

July 12, 2021


A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call and Quorum

C. Pledge of Allegiance and Reading of Mission Statement

D. Agenda Order and Approval/Revision

E. Recommendations and Commendations

F. Community Communications

G. Monthly Employment Report (June 2021)


A. Action to Approve Consent Agenda

Menomonie School Board Meeting for 6/28/2021

Menomonie School Board Meeting 6/28/2021

June 24, 2021

In order to provide sufficient physical distancing, in-person attendance for the public Board meeting will be limited to 25 people. It is anticipated that there will be 14 spaces available for members of the public. The meeting will also be live-streamed at: and on this web page. 

Menomonie Schools make masks optional

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Menomonie School Board Special Meeting for 5/24/2021

May 24, 2021

In tonight's school board meeting the board voted to make masks optional for students in the district starting on June 4, so masks will be required through the end of the school year. The board also voted to make masks optional at the school graduation ceremony this weekend.

Dunn County approves carbon-neutral energy resolution

Dunn County Board of Supervisors - 05/19/2021

May 20, 2021

The Dunn County Board has approved a resolution calling for 100% carbon-neutral energy in the county by the year 2050. The discussion on this item begins at 46:00 in the attached video. This resolution sets a goal for the county to lower their dependence on fossil fuels, and to increase sustainability in the county. The resolution itself begins on page 82 of the attached meeting packet. 

Menomonie City Council 5/17/2021

Menomonie City Council 5/17/2021

May 17, 2021

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Roll Call & Special Recognitions

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Public Hearings - None

4. Public Comments

5. Unfinished Business

A. Proposed request to WI DOT to relocate STH 29 from Main Street to 6th Avenue – discussion and possible motion of action

6. New Business

A. Review of a proposed 2021 Clean Sweep event at the Community Services facility and associated costs- discussion and possible motion authorizing

Menomonie School District Board Meeting for 5/10/2021

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Menomonie School Board Meeting for 5/10/2021

May 10, 2021

A live stream of the meeting will appear on this page at 5:30 PM.

In order to provide sufficient physical distancing, in-person attendance for the public Board meeting will be limited to 25 people. It is anticipated that there will be 14 spaces available for members of the public.

Gov. Evers Signs Senate Bill 69, Requires Holocaust and other Genocides Education for Wisconsin Students

April 28, 2021

MILWAUKEE — Gov. Tony Evers today signed Senate Bill 69, now Wisconsin Act 30, requiring lessons about the Holocaust and other genocides be incorporated into social studies education for Wisconsin students throughout grades five to twelve. 

Wisconsin state legislators wrote themselves a ‘bizarre’ loophole in the Open Records Law

shredding cartoon
April 28, 2021

Unlike every other public official in the state, legislators can destroy documents to avoid records requests


If the city of Oshkosh’s streets superintendent gets an email from a citizen complaining about an uneven sidewalk in front of his house, by law that public employee has to hold onto that record should anyone want to see it.

Menomonie School District board meeting for 4/26/2021

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Menomonie School Board Meeting for 4/26/2021

April 26, 2021

Starting this evening WisCommunity will again start doing a live stream of more government meetings. My apologies for the video pixellation and the sometimes poor audio quality on this stream. I had some odd hardware problems on this one, and partly just from lack of practice since I've not been doing these streams for months. There are a few issues to straighten out.

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2021, 5:30 P.M.

Menomonie City Council 7 PM 4/19/2021

Menomonie City Council Meeting 3/5/2021

April 19, 2021

Sorry that we were not able to carry that live stream successfully -- for some reason we are having problems with the audio. The attached video starts late into the meeting.

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Roll Call & Special Recognitions

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Public Hearings - None

4.Public Comments

Many citizens spoke in favor of the Asian Pacific Islander resolution. One citizen spoke against.

5. Unfinished Business

Mai Xong resigns from Eau Claire City Council to pursue position in Evers administration

Councilwoman Mai Xong
April 12, 2021

City Clerk Carrie Riepl received the attached correspondence from former Eau Claire City Council Member Mai Xiong, indicating Ms. Xiong’s resignation from her service on the Eau Claire City Council effective April 9, 2021.

Eau Claire lifts alternate side of street parking early

winter parking
April 7, 2021

Due to a relatively mild winter, an early spring, and good long-range forecast, Community Services Director Renee Tyler, in accordance with authority granted by the City code of ordinances, has issued an order suspending Alternate Side Parking restrictions in the City of Eau Claire effective today through May 1, 2021.  Parking will now be permitted on both sides of the street until November 1, 2021, except in those locations where permanent or temporary parking restrictions are posted or mark

April 6 election results

Ballot Box
April 6, 2021

In the race for Wisconsin School Superintendent, Democratic and teachers union-backed candidate Jill Underly has defeated Republican-backed candidate Deb Kerr. Returns are still coming in in that race but the race has been called.

Menomonie City Council Meeting 4/5/2021

Menomonie City Council 4/5/2021

April 5, 2021

Meeting is at 7 PM Monday, 3/5/2021

“PUBLIC ACCESS” NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting access is via Zoom Teleconference / Video Conference or, over the internet by going to (URL for Zoom meeting), or by calling 1 312 626 6799.

A Response from a Board Member - A Resolution Calling for Termination of Voucher School Funding from Public Education Funds

March 29, 2021

The following is my opinion as a taxpayer in the School District and a School Board Member. I am expressing my opinion only, not the opinion of the entire board or any other individual board member.

Why as a School Board Member I voted against the resolution. – It’s all about respect and representing our community well.

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