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Wisconsin Elections Commission rejects Kanye West candidacy

August 20, 2020 - 5:49pm
Kanye West

After a VERY lengthy discussion, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has voted 5-1 to reject Kanye West's candidacy in Wisconsin, accepting the staff recommendation that they reject because the papers were filed after 5 PM  on the last eligible day. 

The commission is continuing to discuss the several other appeals that were filed against the candidacy papers. The first of these is an appeal based on the fact that West's address on the papers was a mailing address, and not his place of residence.

West's candidacy is controversial because Wisconsin Democrats are concerned that West is running for the presidency in an attempt to siphon potential votes from Joe Biden.

The commission also considered the candidacy of the Green Party candidate in Wisconsin and was unable to reach an agreement on the eligibility of many of the signatures obtained in support of the candidate. The board deadlocked 3-3 on the issue, so it is likely that this will proceed to the court system.

Steve Hanson
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