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The recount countdown - Biden expands lead in canvassed votes

November 17, 2020 - 11:42am
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A quick update - the canvassed votes are in from all 72 counties in the state. The final unofficial count indicates that Biden has increased his lead in Wisconsin by 181 votes, and won by 20,608. These canvassed votes have not yet been made official by the state. The clock is ticking for the Trump campaign to file for a recount by 5 PM tomorrow, either for a full recount of the state or a more limited recount of a few counties. If a recount is requested it could begin as early as this Thursday, and all of the recounted votes would be in by Dec. 1. 

President Trump has expressed an interest in demanding a recount in Wisconsin for the presidential election. His campaign has not yet requested a recount, formally or otherwise. Indeed the campaign cannot request a recount formally until all of the counties in the state have sent their canvassed vote totals to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, and it is expected that a few counties will send theirs in on the last day possible, which happens to be today.

The Republicans in the state legislature have considered some of the recall requests in the past to be frivolous and have changed the law to make it more difficult to request a recount. One of the effects of that is that the president's campaign only has one day to file a recount request and to pay for it after the last votes come in from the counties. So the request and payment need to be made by 5 PM tomorrow, Nov. 18. 

So the wait begins. We'll keep you informed about what happens.

The vote totals from the Chippewa Valley are all in, so if you are the sort of person who likes to see details, the spreadsheets for the local counties are below.

Steve Hanson
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