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President Acquitted in second impeachment trial

February 13, 2021 - 3:00pm

WATCH LIVE: Trump’s second impeachment trial underway in Senate | Day 5

Update -

7 Republicans joined the Democrats in the Senate voting against ex-president Trump but still fell short of the mark on finding Trump guilty. This vote was considerably more bi-partisan than during Trump's first impeachment. 

The Trump impeachment trial is continuing into the weekend. This is day 5, but suddenly everything is different. The Senate has just voted to allow witnesses in the trial, which means that rather than possibly wrapping up today the trial could continue forward for some time. The Trump lawyers are essentially threatening that if any witnesses are allowed they will call 100, dragging the trial out interminably. The vote to allow witnesses and subpoenas passed 55-45 with 5 Republicans joining the Democrats. The issue came up after a surprising revelation last night that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R- California) called the president on Jan. 6, pleading with him to call of his supporters and getting involved in a "shouting match". This conversation was confirmed by Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.) who is one of the 10 House republicans who voted to impeach Trump last month. 

At the moment the Senate is in a quorum call as members are trying to figure out how they will proceed. Likely there will be some compromise allowing a very small number of witnesses and a limited scope. 

Update - after a lot of negotiation the Senate decided not to call witnesses and the trial will probably wrap up quickly at this point.

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