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Menomonie School District Board Meetings 4/27/2020

April 27, 2020 - 5:06pm
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School Board Meeting Live Stream

Tonight's school board meeting will  happen in multiple parts:

a. A public hearing regarding waivers of the instructional hours requirement from DPI due to the pandemic. This is a public hearing at 5:15 PM and can be joined online at with the password: WeiTxHcn765.

There were no comments from the public in the hearing session. 

b. A Reorganizational meeting to seat the new board members and to elect new board executives. This meeting will take place at 5:30 PM and may be viewed online at :

The live stream of both of the meetings should appear above.

Note that it is next to impossible to hear anything on these feeds.  Therefore all of the reporting below may well be inaccurate as I could not hear well enough to be certain what anyone said.

David Styer was elected board president. I could not really hear what the vote was on YouTube.

I am fairly certain Penny Burstad was elected vice-president, but again it was impossible to hear anything clearly.

I also think Clint Moses was elected as clerk.

Perhaps the district will be able to provide a usable recording after the meeting. It sounds like most of the laptops do not have working microphones.  The sound is mostly noise and echo.

I am not going to attempt to do any reporting of the rest of the meeting as it is simply impossible to hear.

c. A  regular special board meeting. The agenda is below. This meeting may be viewed at :  and will take place immediately after the reorganizational meeting.

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