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Menomonie School District Board Meeting for July 27, 2020

July 27, 2020 - 5:00pm
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Menomonie School Board meeting for July 27, 2020

This is a live stream of the School District of the Menomonie Area School Board meeting of 7/27/2020.

This meeting included the presentation of the opening plan for the SDMA schools and a discussion of the superintendent declining to meet with the teacher's union as a group for developing this plan.

The action and discussion items for the meeting follow: The full agenda is attached below.


A. Approve SDMA Education for Employment Plan -starts at 13:15

B. Approve Year-End Budget Transfers

C. Approve Addition to Staffing Plan for 2020-2021

These are additional positions to cope with the issues of re-opening during the pandemic - starts at 17:20

This includes the hiring of 15 additional teaching staff and 7 additional custodians.


A. COVID-19 Report - Begins at 36:00

Note that the written COVID-19 report is attached below. There are 29 active cases in Dunn County currently, and we are Moderately High in burden level. 

B. SDMA Reopening Plan Starts at 50:00

The current latest draft of the re-opening plan is attached below and is being released to all of the parents on 7/28.

C. Union Involvement in the SDMA Starts at 1:57 - there was a camera battery change at that point

This was a fairly contentious discussion about whether the school superintendent should have spoken to the representatives of the teachers union as well as receiving input from individual teachers. There was no clear resolution to this issue at this time. 

D. Changes to Student Handbook for 2020-2021 - Starts at 2:27

E. WASB Telling Our Story Advocacy - Starts at 2:28:50

F. Policy 113, Nondiscrimination in District Programs, Activities, and Operations (First Reading) - Starts at 2:34

G. 113-Exhibit, Title IX Notice

H. 113-Rule(1), District Response to Alleged Sexual Harassment Under Title IX (First Reading)

I. Review Extracurricular Staff Contract Requests J. Items Related to Next Meeting Dates, Board Committees, and Reports

The board then entered a closed session.

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