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Menomonie City Council 8/3/2020 -city becomes Responsible Unit for Recycling

August 3, 2020 - 12:44pm
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Menomonie, WI City Council Meeting 8/3/2020

Primary business in tonight's meeting:

Unfinished Business

A. Preliminary Stout Road design review by the WI DOT and KL Engineering – discussion

There was discussion on this topic, and there will be some virtual presentations on the details that will be publicly accessible. Plans are for this construction to take place in 2022.

B. Review of the agreement authorizing Dunn County to act as the Responsible Unit agent for City recycling services and programs – discussion and possible motions of action

The council voted 7-3 to become the Responsible Unit for recycling services. This is a very complex topic and involves juggling of a lot of unknowns, both on the part of the city and the townships in the county. Several of the townships are currently considering pulling out of using the county to process solid waste and recycling, which may cause even greater increases in costs. If enough of the other governmental entities pull out it is entirely possible that the county will stop processing solid waste and/or recyclables, which will cause very big changes in processing in the county. 

C. Proposed modification of the Mayor’s Proclamation Declaration of an Emergency in the City of Menomonie – discussion and possible motion of action

This in essence involves splitting off the city proclamation of an emergency with the county proclamation. This way the city can maintain a different termination date from the county if need be, or make some different provisions from the county. The proclamation as originally written was intended to allow for virtual government meetings, some re-allocation of funds, etc. This was passed, so the city now has a separate emergency declaration from the county.

New Business

A. Proposal to establish a Police Department controlled Lake Menomin waterfowl hunt – discussion and possible motion of action

This was passed by the council.

B. Review of the 2021-2025 Capital Improvements Program – discussion and possible motion approving

This was also passed by the council. Note that this is not a firm document, and in fact includes some items that have been waiting for money for over thirty years. It is intended solely as a planning document, and not all of these items will be budgeted for or occur.

C. Budget Transfers

The full agenda is attached below. We recorded the meeting and it is available above.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting is being held in person and via Zoom Teleconference / Video Conference or, over the internet by going to (URL for Zoom meeting), or by calling 1 312 626 6799. The Access Code for the meeting is 867 9288 0513. Individuals appearing in person will be seated in the Council Chambers, subject to the social distancing rules. Space available will be on a first come, first served basis. All public participants’ phones and computers will be muted during the meeting except during public comment. Recordings of previous meetings are available on the City of Menomonie’s website. NOTE: Upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities. For additional information or to request the service, contact the City Clerk or the City Administrator at 232- 2180. 

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