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Fair Maps, Fair Government

October 12, 2020 - 8:05pm
Fair Maps tour in Downsville
Fair Maps Tour in Downsville (Scatterbrain Cafe)

Annemarie McClellan on Fair Maps and the Fair Maps Referendum

I spent Sunday afternoon wandering through beautiful Dunn County with the Fall in Line for Fair Maps tour. A group of people in support of Fair Maps went from Colfax (Kyle's Market) to Boyceville (The Grain Bin) to Menomonie (Menomonie Market Food Co-op) and ended up in Downsville (Scatterbrain Cafe). We all snacked our way through the tour and talked to people about gerrymandering, redistricting, and how fair maps could be drawn up for Wisconsin. 

There is a fair maps referendum on the Nov. 3 ballot. This referendum has been passed in many different communities throughout the state, usually with a resounding majority. The state-wide referendum is your chance to make your voice heard to politicians in the state, demanding that  our maps be drawn fairly so that we can select our representatives rather than having whichever party is in power select who can vote for them. 

Governor Evers has set up a Peoples' Map Commission which is working on plans to develop fair maps. You can learn more about the commission, meetings that are being held (one was held tonight for the 5th Congressional District) by going to the .  Our district, the 3rd Congressional District, has a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19th. If you care about fairness in Wisconsin politics I recommend you watch this meeting (we'll have more information as it comes up) and if at all possible, testify.

When we got to Downsville I spoke briefly with the representative on the commission from our area, Annemarie McClellan. 

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