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Dunn County Health and Human Services Meeting 11/19/2020

November 19, 2020 - 5:43pm

Health & Human Services Board - 11/19/2020

This is the live Zoom meeting for 11/19/2020. 

KT Gallagher has reported two new deaths in Dunn County since this morning's state numbers were released, raising the number to 8. There may be one more that has not been confirmed as a COVID-19 death.

Local hospitals are now very stressed, as are others in the state. Many of them are now in their surge plan. Because the county is so heavily overwhelmed they have had to re-think contact tracing again, and are asking all non-household contacts to be traced directly, rather than through the health department. They are now dealing with approximately six times the number of cases they can handle well. KT Gallagher has hired four new contact tracers in the last week, so they now have 22 plus the 13 being employed by UW-Stout. "To say that COVID is consuming the health department is an understatement" according to Gallagher.


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So what is going to be the response from our community leaders. We had no deaths for months,and now we are  getting close to 10 deaths.

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