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Dunn County Board of Supervisors 11/10/2020

November 10, 2020 - 6:34pm

Dunn County Board of Supervisors - 11/10/2020

The agenda, council packet, and budget hearing document are attached below. 

Supervisor Paul Miller presented the COVID-19 report. Cases are quickly rising in the county and have swamped the ability of the health department to keep up with contact tracing. Local hospitals are now in the position of not being able to take patients because they are becoming overwhelmed with  COVID patients. Contact tracers are beginning to suffer from burnout.

All three of the housing units at the Neighbors are in outbreak mode from the pandemic and two of the households are in quarantine status.

All of the Administrative Committee and Executive Committee resolutions were passed, 

The resolutions from the PRD committee were adopted. This will allow the application for a state grant to implement the management grant. The Land Use Fee Schedule was increased by $50 to cover increasing costs because the county is often very busy and this will allow the county to contract out some of the services to Cedar Corp. during busy times.

The Resolution to create a Crime Prevention Board passed, including the creation of a surcharge to fund it.

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