In a press release today the Mayor's office explained the current lack of reserve in the water supply in Menomonie which has require restrictions on turf watering.

Currently, the City of Menomonie and approximately 66% percent of Wisconsin is experiencing
an “abnormally dry” (National Integrated Drought Information System, 2023) season due to the
lack of rainfall. Given our lack of rain, hot weather, and increased irrigation during the summer,
the City of Menomonie encourages all residents/businesses to follow the City’s alternate-side
irrigation restrictions which went into effect on June 1.

“It is important for people to help the community preserve water because it is our most precious natural resource.”
-Mayor Randy L. Knaack

Following the alternate-side irrigation restriction will help the City maintain sufficient supply of
water in our elevated storage tanks to supply water to all residents and businesses within
Menomonie and maintain fire fighting capabilities.

“An adequate water supply in in the elevated storage towers is critical for our ability to respond to fires. We can use
lake water delivered by tenders, but it severely slows our response time and effectiveness.” -Chief Dennis Klass

The community’s cooperation with the alternate-side irrigation restrictions will help us avoid a
watering ban should we enter a categorized draught and/or our water supplies run too low to
maintain basic services. If current mitigation efforts fail, the City of Menomonie may consider
implementing an irrigation ban with penalties to preserve water supplies.
Alternate-side Irrigation Restriction Rules

Properties with even numbered street addresses (i.e., 620 11th Avenue West) may only irrigate turf
grass areas on even number days (i.e., June 2, June 4, June 6, and so on). Properties with odd
numbered street addresses (i.e., 621 11th Avenue West) may only irrigate turf grass areas on odd
number days (i.e., June 1, June 3, June 5, and so on).

Questions regarding alternate-side restrictions should be directed to David Schofield, Director of
Public Works, at 715-232-2221 extension 1020 or

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