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God punishes suburban sprawl

Patrick McIlheran, the Journal Sentinel's resident right-wing columnist, opines about Waukesha's effort to buy water from Milwaukee. He starts with a shot at Milwaukeens who don't want to encourage further sprawl:

Milwaukeeans who oppose selling Lake Michigan water - call them anti-suburbanites, for convenience - are certain they feel Waukesha is a blight upon the earth that they'd as soon see dry up utterly if they can't extort sufficient boodle out of it.

Then there's this:

Waukesha's problem is that its well water is tainted with radium, put there by God and declared unacceptable by the EPA.

Apparently, God hates suburban sprawl, too. Who knew?

Or is Paddy Mac suggesting that God thinks it's OK to drink radium-tainted water, but was overruled by the EPA?


March 22, 2010 - 5:48pm