From The Dunn County Democrats Party

Here I am at the Dunn County Democrats party, live from the Stout Ale House. And appropriately enough, I am drinking a Guinness as I write this.

Mixed emotions - so far things are going pretty well nationally for the Democrats, but things are not looking as good as I'd hoped in some of the local races.  It's not looking at all good for the Marriage Amendment.  Those of you who've been following this on this site know how I feel about that.  I was hoping that things would go well, but many of the news organizations have already called it as a Yes vote.  

The local races are mostly too close to call, but are clearly not going to be a Democratic landslide.  Things are looking good for Governor Doyle, and there've been quite a few Dems winning across the country in races that I don't think anyone would have called that way a few months ago. I guess the best news is that it looks like Santorum has lost.

More later. 


November 7, 2006 - 9:51pm