Frank Boyle to Introduce Impeachment Resolution to the State Legislature

This came across my desk this morning - I believe this makes us the seventh state with an impeachment resolution wending its way through. 'Bout time.



April 4, 2007 Rep.
Frank Boyle, 608-266-0640


State Representative Frank Boyle
(D-Superior) today unveiled a joint resolution he will

introduce to the Wisconsin State Legislature
stating that President George W. Bush has

violated his oath of office, thereby
creating good cause for impeachment proceedings to

be initiated.

“While the end result was not removal from
office, only two presidents have been

impeached,” said Boyle. “President Andrew
Johnson was impeached for firing someone

and President Bill Clinton was impeached
for lying about sex. As stated in the attached

impeachment resolution, President George
W. Bush is guilty of far more reprehensible


“Having experienced the ruthless misuse of
power of the Monarchs of Europe, Thomas

Jefferson, in drafting the United States Constitution, saw the need
to include a means to

remove the President of the United States from office,” continued Boyle. “Jefferson’s

Manual, Section LIII, 603, allows federal
impeachment proceedings to be initiated by

joint resolution of a state legislature.”

“Similar impeachment resolutions have been
introduced in the state legislatures of

Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, New
Mexico, Washington and Vermont.”


Attachment: Joint Resolution

LRB−2175/1 SRM:wlj:rs

2007 − 2008 LEGISLATURE


Relating to: the impeachment of President George W.

Whereas, Jefferson’s Manual, section LIII, 603, allows federal

proceedings to be initiated by joint
resolution of a state legislature; and

Whereas, President George W. Bush has
publicly admitted to ordering the

National Security Agency to violate
provisions of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence

Surveillance Act, a felony, specifically
authorizing the agency to spy on American

citizens without warrant; and

Whereas, evidence suggests that President
Bush authorized violation of the

torture convention of the Geneva
Conventions, a treaty regarded as supreme law by

the United States Constitution; and

Whereas, the Bush administration has held
American citizens and citizens of

other nations as prisoners of war without
charge or trial; and

Whereas, evidence suggests that the Bush
administration has manipulated

intelligence for the purpose of initiating
a war against the sovereign nation of Iraq,

resulting in the deaths of large numbers
of Iraqi civilians and causing the United

States to incur loss of life, diminished
security, and billions of dollars in unnecessary

expenses; and

Whereas, the Bush administration leaked
classified national secrets to further

a political agenda, exposing an unknown
number of covert U.S. intelligence agents

to potential harm and retribution, while
refusing to investigate the matter; and

Whereas, Congress has declined to fully
investigate these charges to date; now,

therefore, be it

by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the assembly and

the senate have good cause to submit
charges to the U.S. House of Representatives

under Jefferson’s
Manual, section LIII, 603, that the president of the United States

has willfully violated his oath of office
to preserve, protect, and defend the

Constitution of the United States; and

Be it
further resolved, That George W. Bush, if found guilty of the charges

contained herein, should be removed from
office and disqualified to hold any other

office in the United States.



April 5, 2007 - 1:31pm