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Local facebook group to discuss fish fries in the Chippewa Valley -- sign up if you lead a fish-fry kind of life.

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The WI Local Food Locator is an effort to connect rural local food producer to local food consumers.  Search below by location, product, or Producer’s name.  At this time it only covers Price, Taylor, and Washara counties.

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Info on local food across the state of Wisconsin

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The WLFN is a collection of individuals and organizations (hopefully you) that all share a common vision for Wisconsin: a state that offers communities and businesses a local food system that supports sustainable farms of all sizes, a strong infrastructure for those farms and supporting food business to thrive, and affordable access to healthy locally grown food for ALL Wisconsin residents. If you support this vision and are working toward such a Wisconsin – then you are a part of the Wisconsin Local Food Network.
Wellspring Inc. 4382 Hickory Rd. West Bend, WI 53090

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