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Hungry Turtle Farmer's Cooperative

About UsCommunity Roots

Our coop began with community gatherings around the table. Monthly farmer’s potlucks, hosted by the Hungry Turtle Learning Center, brought together a diverse group of farmers dedicated to sustainable practices and locally grown foods. We realized not only the opportunity for our farms to work together, but the necessity. In a food system dominated by large corporations, we realized we needed to work together if the family farm was going to not just survive, but thrive. By supporting one another and sharing resources as a cooperative, we extend our reach beyond the scope of any one farm.

Mission-Based Farming

By supporting our cooperative, we believe you are not just purchasing a product, but forging a healthy connection between farmers, eaters, and the land we all depend upon. It is an investment in your community. We take pride in the work we do and where we do it. As a mission driven cooperative, we aim to provide our customers with high quality, healthy, and sustainably grown foods produced in the St Croix and Polk County area of western Wisconsin. Just like our potlucks, each farm brings something different to your table. For the 2014 season, we will offer seasonal vegetables, fruit, pastured pork and chicken, grass-fed beef, and herbal products.

What is a Farmers Cooperative?

Hungry Turtle Farmers Cooperative is a new entity based on an old model. The farmer’s coop was once a common feature of the rural community, providing farms with products, services, and a place to sell their goods. Our coop provides marketing and distribution services to its member farms, advancing a local food system rooted in shared costs and environmentally friendly practices. The cooperative model helps the family farm stay on the land and serves our commitment to the rejuvenation of rural communities.

By becoming a member, a farm gains access to the packing, delivery, and marketing services the coop provides. In addition to assisting farms with the distribution of their products, the coop strives to create and maintain markets for its member farms. As a member, a farm has a voice in the coop and a responsibility to participate in its development. We are partners in the shaping of a local food system that will provide diversified, family farms with an outlet for their products. By joining our coop, a farm also joins a community of farms, benefiting from member-to-member education and numerous networking opportunities.

Farmer Owned and Powered

At HTFC, the farmers are the cooperative. There is no corporate business headquarters in a faraway city calling the shots here. Our farmers own and manage the cooperative every step of the way, giving you a face and a story to go with your meat and potatoes. Nothing trucked in from California, but instead that taste of Midwestern land and sunshine we all love.

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