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The Growler Guys

Growler Guys is an interesting concept. They sell a very large number of beers, ciders, and meads on tap. The taps range wildly in price, and are always rotating so you can always surprise yourself when you go there.  I have had some delicious pours at Growler Guys and I am particularly impressed that they always have a very nice selection of ciders on tap from around the country. They now also serve Komucha. See the link below for what is on tap today.

Food is perhaps a little pedestrian (pizza, some sandwiches, and wings primarily) but the few times I have eaten there the food was fairly good, though nowhere near gourmet fare.

They also package their drinks for takeout, either in a traditional growler or a crowler - which is essentially a big 500 ML can.   This is a great way to take home a reasonable amount of an interesting tap drink.

They are also open late (usually midnight) which is a great and unusual thing in Eau Claire.

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