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Amery Farm Table Restaurant

Farm Table Values

The northwest region of Wisconsin is the last and largest concentration of small farms in America — farms 300 acres and fewer.  A lot has changed in agriculture, and Farm Table is proud to support one aspect that hasn’t:  small farms care about rich soil, wholesome produce and raising healthy animals on grass.

Our products are the best of this region’s heritage:  fresh from the farm, vitamin and mineral rich, every season of the year.   We favor simple preparations without processed ingredients and preserve local products — storing, pickling and freezing — before purchasing from afar.   We are proud to represent the values of small farms and a rich heritage of great food — on every plate.

A Community Food Hub Grows in Amery

 is part of Amery’s Community Food Hub, a 12,000 square-foot former auto dealership that features the restaurant (Farm Table), a producer’s cooperative () and a 501(c)(3) (). This facility brings to life a new generation of local food advocacy and entrepreneurship. Each leg of the stool represents a different aspect of local food, and the benefits that small farm, organic production brings to a community like Amery and the surrounding habitat of western Wisconsin.

A Local Food Restaurant

 is the most immediate and tangible incarnation of the Food Hub. Here, local foods, from heritage pork to Lake Superior white fish, micro-greens to winter squash, fall roots to spring cress, are purchased from area producers and prepared as part of a seasonal cuisine. The spirit of craft cooking, high quality ingredients and avoidance of harmful additives provides customers the tastiest and healthiest food in western Wisconsin. Even the coffee, beer, wine and homemade soda are carefully sourced to ensure high quality outcomes wherever they come from. Pushing the envelope on sustainable sourcing, responsible farming and wholesome eating — in harmony with Wisconsin’s four seasons — is the endless creative project that makes Farm Table unique and ever-changing.

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