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Welcome to Amanda's Eggs & Pasture Poultry LLC.-on the web! Buy your food from a Local producer who treats their animals andthe environment with a respectful philosophy. Free Range and Raised without unnecessary chemicals. Also a licensed egg packer through the state of Wisconsin. These are great eggs, and are sold in many local food co-ops, restaurants, and farmer's markets. Look at Amanda's web site for details. 

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Farm Table Values The northwest region of Wisconsin is the last and largest concentration of small farms in America — farms 300 acres and fewer.  A lot has changed in agriculture, and Farm Table is proud to support one aspect that hasn’t:  small farms care about rich soil, wholesome produce and raising healthy animals on grass.
110 Keller Avenue Amery, Wisconsin 54001

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Ever wonder why Basil Wyndthorp’s has such great pork? It’s because we raise it home grown ourselves! Basil Wynthorp's is the little adventurous food truck that could...featuring beach food - exotic fish, chicken and fries blended and cooked to fresh...
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american (traditional) and barbeque

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Journal-Sentinel's guide to breweries in the Badger State.

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Bug-Eyed Betty's has become a local favorite, and with good reason. The food is always a little more interesting than the average restaurant and bar in the area, and is all reasonably priced considering the above-average quality. There is always a good selection of wine and beer, and the happy-hour specials make them all affordable. Note also that Betty's has a reputation of doing good things for the local community - always worth considering.
1920 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire, WI 54701

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