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Wis.Community is happy to be showing our first community film screening. Tickets are now available on-line at . The film will be shown at the Oakwood Mall theatre in Eau Claire on Feb 8, 2018, 7:30 PM.  But it will only be shown if you help out.

This is a Tugg film showing.  The way this works is that the theatre agrees to show the film if we sell a minimum number of tickets. In this case, it means we will need to sell 79 tickets for the film. If we sell that many the movie will be presented. If we do not, nobody gets charged for their tickets and the showing is canceled. I know many people in the area who are excited to see this film in a real movie theatre so I'm hopeful that this will go ahead - early ticket sales really help to move this along, so please think about buying tickets soon, even though it's a long ways out at this point. 

The film will be Look and See - A Portrait of Wendell Berry.  This will be an opportunity to see a film that would not have played in the Chippewa Valley, and we intend to provide more of these in the future. Some films will be informative or thought-provoking, and some will simply be entertaining. This one is a little of each.

Our partners in this film showing are Wisconsin Farmer's Union and Menomonie Market Food Co-op. This is also a fundraiser for Wis.Community - when you buy your tickets you will also get a chance to contribute to the site and get a little gift to show our appreciation.

Some details about the film:

2017 (NR) 80 min.
Director:  Laura Dunn, Jef Sewell
Featuring:  Wendell Berry, Tanya Berry, Mary Berry, Steve Smith
SynopsisLOOK & SEE is a cinematic portrait of farmer and writer Wendell Berry. Through his eyes, we see both the changing landscapes of rural America in the era of industrial agriculture and the redemptive beauty in taking the unworn path.
Festivals:  Sundance, Berlinale, Hot Docs, SXSW, Nashville, Montclair, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Wisconsin, Princeton Environmental Film Festival, Portland Eco Film Festival, Berkshires, River Run, IndieGrits, Minneapolis, Movies and Meaning
Awards:  Special Jury Prize for Visual Design SXSW, Grand Jury Prize Nashville Film Festival
Quotes:  "Lee Daniel’s exquisite cinematography cries out to be savored on a big screen" - Variety; "A beautifully grounded piece of work" - David Edelstein; "[an] unusual and quite beautiful documentary...deserving of big screen attention." - The Hollywood Reporter; "Opens up a space — a visually beautiful space — to talk about the land and all of us who live on it and off it." - Dan Charles, NPR

Look & See -- Exclusive Trailer

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December 15, 2017

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