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Gilmore Girls Popup Coffee Shops

October 3, 2016

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cup of coffee

Okay, so as someone who loves both the Gilmore Girls AND coffee, I have to admit that I think this is brilliant. Coffee shops around the country are going to bein honor of the new Gilmore Girls episodes that are coming up. I became enamored of the show when I realized that Lorelai and Rory had conversations almost identical to the ones in our household between my own Lorelei and our daughter Margaret.  (and yes, at least my wife spells her name correctly). This sounds like great fun, and there are even some participating coffee shops in Wisconsin - 

Luna Cafe 330 Main Ave., De Pere, WI 54115Kavarna 143 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303Sherman Perk Coffee Shop 4924 W Roosevelt Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53216Fuel Cafe 818 E Center St., Milwaukee, WI 53212Moka 2910 E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53704Moka 5227 University Ave., Madison, WI 53705

Where the heck are the Western Wisconsin coffee shops?  Not on this list.  Really?  Do I have to go to the Twin CIties for the Luke's DIner experience? This sort of thing gets old really fast - we are western Wisconsin, dammit, not some extension of Minneapolis. 

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