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Changes in the Eau Claire restaurant scene

November 13, 2018 - 6:15pm

A few big changes in some highly-valued restaurants in Eau Claire:

The popular coffee shop Racy D'Lene's and the associated breakfast spot The Nucleus are changing hands. They have been purchased by Pablo Properties, currently involved in The Oxbow Hotel and The Lismore in Eau Claire. Pablo Properties has promised to not make big changes in either of the very popular spots, but the new owners do intend to attempt to source more local ingredients.

In a somewhat more shocking (at least to me) turn of events, beloved Ramone's Ice Cream is going to be closed for the winter months so that they can make big infrastructure improvements during their slow months.  They will be closed from Nov. 1 until March 1. So - go get your ice cream fix soon, and look forward to more freezer capacity and other improvements come spring.

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Steve Hanson
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