When: Monday, Oct 31, 2016, (All day)
Intro to Permaculture Starts: Oct. 31, 2016 Ends: Nov. 27, 2016 Cost: Free Many of you are interested in permaculture, but have been holding off from taking a permaculture design course (PDC) due to the costs - often $1000 or more. Now's your chance to take a PDC online - completely free. This past spring, Oregon State offered their first free online permaculture design course, and over 16,000 people worldwide enrolled. They're doing the class again this fall, and it starts next Monday, October 31. Registration is free, but you have to sign up before it kicks off. Here's the registration link: http://open.oregonstate.edu/courses/permaculture/?utm_source=Nifty+Homes... If you're not familiar with permaculture design courses, here's a glance at some of the curriculum: At the end of this permaculture course, students will be able to: -Define what the Permaculture design system, is ethics and principles -Organize the order of the Permaculture design process -Diagram Elements of watershed, sector, and zone maps -Identify design elements appropriate for each climate Week 1 Key Topics: Permaculture definition, State of the World, Permaculture ethics, Permaculture design process overview, Scales of Permaculture systems Week 2 Key Topics: Pattern understanding: the watershed, Site analysis content, Site analysis documentation and presentation Week 3 Key Topics: Permaculture design principles, Permaculture design methods, Scales of permanence Week 4 Key Topics: Permaculture design for drylands, Permaculture design for tropics, Permaculture design for temperate and cold climates .

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