Flooding a reminder of wetland deficit

The recent horrific flooding in Wisconsin and Minnesota should serve as a reminder that Wisconsin and the rest of the country are in a continuing wetlands crisis. Wetlands serve as the water shock absorber, controlling flooding. In many cases we are seeing severe flooding after rainfalls that would not have historically been a problem. As we saw recently in New Orleans, the removal of the wetland natural barrier to flooding can bring disaster.

Wisconsin needs to put more effort and money into the preservation of our existing wetlands, and into creating conditions for more wetlands to come back. Many Wisconsin business organizations (and businesses) see this as tree-hugging environmental extremism. The floods of the last few weeks should remind us that wetland preservation is just good business sense for the state and the nation. The embattled Wisconsin Stewardship Fund is just one part of preserving Wisconsin's natural heritage and wetlands.

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August 28, 2007 - 11:26am