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"And don't think you're off the hook, voters, you're the ones who made this bed.
Now you're the ones who are going to have to move over so a gay couple can sleep in it.
Tomorrow you're all going to wake up in a brave new world, a world where the Constitution
gets trampled by an army of terrorist clones, created in a stem-cell research lab run by
homosexual doctors who sterilize their instruments over burning American flags.
Where tax-and-spend Democrats take all your hard-earned money and use it to buy
electric cars for National Public Radio, and teach evolution to illegal immigrants.
Oh, and everybody's high! You know what, I've had it! You people don't deserve
a Republican majority. I quit." -- Stephen Colbert

Dear Everyone Who Thinks They Singled-Handedly Won the Last Election,

The DNC and Howard Dean couldn't have won this by themselves. They are not the source of all good in the world. Or all evil.

The DCCC and Rahm Emanuel couldn't have won this by themselves. They are not the source of all good in the world. Or all evil.

The DSCC and Chuck Schumer couldn't have won this by themselves. They are not the source of all good in the world. Or all evil.

The netroots and grassroots couldn't have won this by themselves. They are not the source of all good in the world. Or all evil.

The 527s and unions and allied organizations couldn't have won this by themselves. They are not the source of all good in the world. Or all evil.

The big dollar donors couldn't have won this by themselves. They are not the source of all good in the world. Or all evil.

They were all part of a glorious puzzle. And working together, even if not always harmoniously, led to great, great things.

Hugs and kisses.

How bad was last Tuesday for the GOP? It was :


Marie Steichen died two months ago but she won a battle to become a county commissioner for a small South Dakota town in the US elections, an official said. Jerauld county auditor Cindy Peterson said that the election list closed on August 1, and while Steichen died from cancer in September her name was kept on the list for Tuesday's election. Steichen beat a Republican rival by 100 votes to 64 and Peterson said she believed that voters knew the woman was dead but wanted to make their political point.


Even worse: Marie Steichen didn't just win the election, her Republican opponent was an incumbent.

"I'm going to have an interesting time because the Government Reform Committee has jurisdiction over everything. The most difficult thing will be to pick and choose." -- Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), quoted by the , on what he'll choose to investigate as the incoming chairman of the panel.

The race for 08 Craig Crawford provides an excellent overview of the 2008 presidential race, including profiles of all the top contenders. "By definition, any presidential election makes history. But this one is shaping up as the biggest, baddest, meanest and, quite possibly, the most historic race for the White House in at least a generation."

Democrats: | | | | | | | | | | | |

Republicans: | | | | | | | | | | | |

Corruption watch, Democrats' turn The Democrats swept into the majority in Congress vowing to fight the culture of corruption. Bad news for the muckraking biz, right? Thankfully, less-than-squeaky pasts don't appear to be a factor in the Dems' reasoning as they divvy up leadership posts and committee chairs. Here are our favorite Democrats poised to take key positions:

Rep. Alan Mollohan (WV): He's set to take the chair of the very appropriations panel in whose purse strings he has already himself. (He has helped steer nearly $500 million in taxpayer money to his rural district, half of which has gone to five organizations Mollohan created with friends.) As a result, he's under FBI . Enough said.

Rep. John Murtha (PA): Likely to chair the Defense Appropriations subcommittee. Murtha's been as a shameless earmarker, spending tens of millions on projects nobody wants to benefit his friends and his district. He's already been explaining how he works scams, so at least if the Feds pick up his trail again, they'll know what to look for. With massive classified budgets and a long history of wasteful spending, this post is ripe for abuse. The FBI probe into its former chairman, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), attests to that. Murtha's also making a play for Majority Leader.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (FL): Tapped to chair the House Permanent Standing Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). Without a serious intel/national security background, Hastings is said to have gotten up to speed on the material since joining the committee. Still, there's a in his background, and of a $150,000 bribe from his days as a judge. In the wake of major corruption scandals in the intel world, is it so hard to find a little less complicated candidate to oversee them?

Rep. Steny Hoyer (MD): Hoyer, an appropriator, hopes to be House Majority Leader. Unfortunately, he has an to special interest money, and eagerly K Street donors. Does that matter? He broke ranks with his party last year to vote in favor of a draconian bankruptcy bill that would bar many Americans from getting out from under debt, regardless of the circumstances which landed them there. Hoyer has taken around $120,000 from lending institutions this cycle. It's okay to slow-dance with 'em, Steny; but don't let them take you home.

Spin the spin doctors As Atrios , Jon Tester is 'conservative' only if you a) judge political philosophy by indicators as profound as haircuts or b) if your mindset is ruled by cartoonish GOP strawmen. But both apply to most of the chatmeisters, so I guess he's a conservative.

"Rumsfeld's resignation shows the scale of the mess the U.S. has made in Iraq.
The efforts by American politicians to hide their failure are no longer working."
-- Ibrahim Ali, 44, who works at the Iraqi Oil Ministry,

Meet the new GOP boss... The Washington Times is reporting that Michael Steele has been asked to be the next Chair of the RNC. Yeah, . about Steele's fitness - the "scarlet letter" incident.

Dummy Dubya with the same awe and reverence that we now give to Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.” — President Bush,

Number of House races that are . In Ohio, “elections officials are delaying the count of more than 9,000 provisional ballots by one day so it doesn’t disrupt the much-vaulted Ohio State-Michigan football game on Nov. 18.”

Dubya version of "bipartisan" During his press conference yesterday, President Bush “made it clear that, for now, his idea of how to ‘put the elections behind us’ is to use the Republicans’ last two months in control of Congress one of [his administration’s] worst ideas…: a bill that would legalize his illegal wiretapping program and gut the law that limits a president’s ability to abuse his power in this way.”

Someone call Will Smith. Former British Ministry of Defense chief Nick Pope has that Earth “could be attacked by extraterrestrials at any time.”

More truth mining NASA and the Commerce Department have announced that will be conducted into allegations that the Bush adminstration censored and intimidated climate scientists.

Don't let your daughter date a Neanderthal! Did anatomically modern humans and Neanderthals interbreed? A new study suggests so. Gene Expression has a the possible relationship. -- [A] study of a gene called microcephalin shows that a) it arose and spread through human populations starting about 37,000 years ago, b) this particular form of the gene arose approximately 1.1 million years ago in a lineage distinct from that of modern humans, and c) the likeliest explanation for this difference is that that distinct lineage interbred with modern humans 37,000 years ago ...

Does Anyone See a Problem Here? I know stupid people like me try in vain to point this out regularly, but since I just heard Don Rumsfeld give yet another version of "we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here" I feel forced to do it again. Isn't there a wee contradiction between spreading freedom and democracy and turning a country into a terrrorist battlefield?

"Mr. Cheney enjoys an office on the second floor of the House of Representatives
that historically has been designated for the Ways and Means Committee chairman...
I talked to Nancy Pelosi about it this morning... I'm trying to find some way to be
gentle as I restore the dignity of that office."
-- Charlie Rangel, the incoming chairman of Ways and Means, on kicking
that "son of a bitch" out of his office

Conservative heads explode These two Bush Cultists that helped to perpetrate a fraud on the American people the last six years are now saying that Conservatives just "lost their way," a little bit. These cowards, and they are cowards—along with the rest of FOX's stable of sycophants that are hot wired into the administration have orchestrated so much destruction on our planet in–the—name of Conservatism—period. Here's a thought. Conservatives are the LOSERS. -WMP -QT Hannity asks her why they weren't discussing more about Conservative ideals before the election. The answer is simple. You did—and trashed Democrats in exactly the way the RNC wanted you to. You had your marching orders along with Limbaugh and carried them out to the best of your ability. Lady MacCheney is part of the that sold the American people the idea of the war with Iraq. For that she should burn in hell. They both cheer-leaded every single Republican theme as often as they could and they have the nerve to stand in front of the cameras and spew this garbage. The reason our great country is so divided and f&*d is in part because of these two drones.

"Whatever they do, it can't get any worse."
--Dr. Sami Ismael, 58, on how the Dems takeover of Congress will effect Iraq,

Conspiracy Corner, anyone?

Here's something interesting...

In 2000, Joe Lieberman's Republican challenger received ,

In 2006, Joe Lieberman's Democratic challenger received


GOP crystal ball shattered The , of course, is Rove's "THE math" statement.


SIEGEL: We are in the home stretch though and many would consider you on the optimistic end of realism about...

ROVE: Not that you would exhibit a bias, you just making a comment.

SIEGEL: I'm looking at all the same polls that you are looking at.

ROVE: No, you are not. I'm looking at 68 polls a week for candidates for the US House and US Senate, and Governor and you may be looking at 4-5 public polls a week that talk attitudes nationally.

SIEGEL: I don't want to have you to call races...

ROVE: I'm looking at all of these Robert and adding them up. I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House. You may end up with a different math but you are entitled to your math and I'm entitled to THE math.

SIEGEL: I don't know if we're entitled to a different math but your...

ROVE: I said THE math.


Ahh, that was a good one. But equally entertaining was , which almost universally predicted Michael Steele would win.

Steele lost by 10 points.

And I have to add -- NRO's The Corner was my source for comic relief the last few weeks of the election. Whenever I'd get too stressed out, I'd head over there for the latest insipid declarations by K-Lo that Santorum was a great closer and would win. She'd deliver one of those several times a day, with every bit of earnestness she could muster. It always made me smile.

Santorum lost by 18 points.

Torture in the name of God

The harsh climate of A'sl-Dgin Rosporoc breeds even harsher theocrats, who intend to break Ghatr d'Adeg of "Satan's lies". According to Obdn h'Nol, D'Adeg "fell into immorality" while leader of the town's religious council, a body that considers itself above and separate from the national civil authority. "He is our friend" h'Nol said, "but we must daily condemn him with holy words of rebuke. We will speak with him together and alone, and he must pray constantly, begging for mercy, because the remaining members of the council hold his life in our hands. We will not let him slip back into lies."


H'nol went on to say that "Ghatr's punishment will last many months. Many men cannot endure it, and so become thieves or beggars, filled with spite and despair".

Yah know, I thought God was all-merciful. Maybe so, but some of his followers aren't, especially those who have come to enjoy wordly power. Complete text of the story .

Gotcha, anagrammatically speaking.

Obdn h'Nol = H.B. London
A'sl-Dgin Rosporoc = Colorado Springs
Ghatr d'Adeg = Ted Haggard

It's a disgrace that this sort of barbaric "treatment" is done in the name of the carpenter who forgave the prostitute. Haggard's "restoration" team and H.B.London, vice president for church and clergy at Focus on the Family, are not Christians, they're sadists.

That's gotta hurt The reaction to Rummy’s departure from a soldier in Iraq: “.

Stupid Democrat Rangel one day,

Did you know there are ice fields in Africa? There .

Protect and serve my eye YouTube’s first

Stupid, stupid media The battle for the best election day coverage was over early when the folks at CNN had the courage to give the divorce between Britney and dancer/rapper/sire K-Fed the treatment ().

Take heart, you are not alone If you’re a thinking person in America, you can feel pretty lonely when listening to talk radio or reviewing the latest poll numbers, but you’re not alone on every issue. More than of voters think sex education should be comprehensive (and that includes Conservatives).

The analysts at New York Global Securities, a major investment strategy firm, didn't see a plot by oil companies to lower prices during the election. But they do believe speculators will now push up the price of oil to the extent they believe the government will let them get away with it. From their October 18 report, :


We believe that following the U.S. midterm elections on November 7, 2006, the price of oil is likely to test the tolerance of the market and the new members of Congress; that is, we believe that after the elections oil will appreciate until there is fear in the market that Congress will take action. It is too early to speculate on the exact level of the increase, but our recommendation at this time is to become progressively long oil at these prices as the election approaches, with the expectation that a topping test pattern will become clear shortly after the election. We believe that the last three major declines in the price of oil coincided with various U.S. Senatorial hearings and expectations surrounding the upcoming U.S. midterm elections. We further believe that these events may have caused speculators within the oil markets to become cautious, resulting in a drop of more than 20% in the price of oil. With regard to the two prior declines, once the Senate hearings were over and the Senate did not take any significant action, the price of oil began to increase. We expect that following the current U.S. elections the price of oil will again rise testing the tolerance of the new Congress.

So far, it's to tell if NYGS will be right.


November 12, 2006 - 3:11pm