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Feingold Fights for Fourth Amendment This Week

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Not nearly as compelling a visual as the divorce proceedings (at left), the votes in the U.S. Senate tomorrow on using the Nixon crimes-inspired FISA law to immunize unlawful presidential abuses that FISA was crafted to prevent ought draw the attention of every news organization and blog in the country.

But do not bet on saturation coverage of the FISA votes this week, no matter the advocacy of Russ Feingold, Chris Dodd and others. The Fourth Amendment is just not as sexy as Christie Brinkley, nor as powerful as the fear gripping too many supine Democratic U.S. Senators.

“... I hope that over the July 4th holiday, Senators will take a closer look at this deeply flawed legislation and understand how it threatens the civil liberties of the American people. It is possible to defend this country from terrorists while also protecting the rights and freedoms that define our nation,” said Feingold in late June, as he and others pursue a quest that we hope is not quixotic.

Fortunately, a growing coalition is taking some action. To protect the Fourth Amendment and hold Bush and his corporate cronies accountable for lawless surveillance of innocent American citizens, see .

Pictured below is a full-page ad in the Washington Post paid for by the related Blue America PAC, intended to shame the D.C. political culture (specifically the Senate), and that includes Barack Obama, into striking passages of the House-approved FISA bill legalizing past illegal surveillance, immunizing corporate and presidential law-breaking.

Few are hopeful that the Senate has the courage to stand up to the lawless Republicans, but one or two Democratic amendments stand a very slim chance of passage (the amendments would each need 60 votes to pass).


July 8, 2008 - 10:33am