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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

This is a web site that is intended to be used as a general web platform across Wisconsin. Basically the idea is that we will be a repository of discussions, information, and places. The site is built around multiple communities. Each of these communities revolves around a topic, or a part of the state. We are slowly enabling more topics as we find people who are interested in maintaining different areas of the site. At this time we are slowly converting from being a community platform to being a community news site.

If you would like to work on a community on the site, or if you are just interested in general, please be in touch.

For the time being, yes. We're currently working on building the site and deciding what the features should be. We do at some time plan to start charging for use of advanced features on the site.  So - everything you currently see on the site is free to use and will continue to remain free. New additional features in the future may cost money. You may now purchase an "extended" membership in the site for $30 per year for an individual, which will remove the ads on the site when you log in and give you some extra privileges on the site. There are also packages for nonprofits and small businesses. We may also work out a system where in lieu of actually paying for the advanced features, you can contribute content to the site to "earn" an advanced subscription.

Some parts of are private, and require that you be logged in to the site to access them (and that you are part of the private community you are trying to access).  If you get the Access Denied page, there will also be a place to log in - log in to the site with your normal name and password and you will then be taken to the page you were trying to access.  If that does not work you probably have a link to a page that is private and that you do not have permission to go to - probably because you do not belong to the community you are trying to access.

If you are really interested in the topic, you should request membership in the Community - there's a link on the right side of the page to do that in most places.

A lot of different places. Many of them are added in by our editors and contributors (and you can add in your own events if you have an account).  Many others are automatically imported in from on-line calendars for organizations in the Chippewa Valley. Still more of the events are imported in from Facebook. Since the calendar listings come from multiple places, you may occasionally see events listed more than once. All of the calendar listings that are black on the calendar are imported from other places - we can't take responsibility for the accuracy of those listings, but they should be imported directly from their source calendars, so will be as accurate as the original listings.

There are a few different answers here.  One is that we are starting to create a series of short videos to teach you more about using  The training videos are at - this is a Youtube playlist, and you can watch all of the videos in sequence, or pick a particular one from the selection menu at the top left of the video player.  There will be more of these eventually.