Thursday and Friday, March 21 and 22 at 7:30 pm

Saturday, March 23, Dinner 6:00 pm, Show 7:30 pm

Sunday, March 24 at 2:00 pm

WHAT'S YOUR STORY? is a 1957 TV show on the brink of network cancellation. The show tells strange and unusual personal stories mailed in by ordinary people. Hosted by veteran showman Calvin Dooley, the program features the Calvinaires, a lively acting & singing troupe, staging skits and songs based on the most fantastic of the mailed-in stories. Unfortunately, the network has given the program an ultimatum--one last chance to increase ratings or be dropped from the broadcast line-up. The normally unflappable host becomes increasingly nervous as his cast begins to come unglued under the high stakes pressure. Calvin Dooley prides himself on managing chaos, but his eternal optimism and show biz savvy are stretched to the limit in the most crucial performance of his career. The Wayward Players invite you to join the studio audience for WHAT'S YOUR STORY? at the Heyde Center for the Arts as musical comedy mayhem unfolds in real time on live television. Directed by Jerry & Carol Way.

Show Only Tickets: Adults $17, Seniors $16, Youth $8

Dinner and Show Tickets: Adults $39, Seniors $38, Youth $30…

Event Type
Heyde Center for the Arts/Chippewa Valley Cultural Association
Heyde Center for the Arts/Chippewa Valley Cultural Association

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