The legend of the Wendigo is rooted in North American Algonquian folklore. It's believed the Wendigo is an emaciated beast with sunken eyes and ashen torn skin. Roaming the woodlands and lakes of Canada and the Northern US, the Wendigo is believed to have exceptionally sharp eyesight and superior speed and strength which allows it to stalk, ambush, and subdue its victims. Those lucky enough to escape the Wendigo claim the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh served as their only warning that the beast was already upon them. Algonquian Shamans believe the only way to vanquish a Wendigo is to cut out its heart and burn it in a fire. That, or ACE hole 1 at WENDIGO 5!!!!

YEAR 5!!!!!

Come brave the elements and attempt to survive the WENDIGO OPEN 5, Saturday February 24th! We'll have a temporary disc golf course of AT LEAST 10 holes set up on and around Lake Menomin in the general bay area of Waterfront Bar and Grill.
The same layout as last year will be used with the possibility of adding exciting new holes.

This is a singles event with two rounds. $30/person.
Entry for both A pool and B pool Divisions.
Divisions cap at 25 - Player cap of 50!!!

Register in advance through PayPal using or in person with cash or card at Simple Sports in Menomonie!

Tentative schedule will be posted at a later date along with information for ordering limited edition Wendigo 5 apparel!

The Waterfront Bar and Grill
The Waterfront Bar and Grill

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