<br>DESCRIPTION: So it has only been one monthly since the new year and your resolution has already fallen to the back of your mind.... Welp, you are not alone!! So many of us set goals, intentions, and resolutions that make us hopeful that the new year will be different, that you will be different, and everything will be better.... But then life continues to happen and boom, we fall back into our same old patterns. Join us for this short workshop on setting big goals that excite you and creating a follow through plan so you will actually accomplish them!<br><br>DATE: Tuesday, February 2nd 2021 &nbsp;<br>TIME: 7:00pm<br>ZOOM: Link will be sent to your email day of session<br><br>REGISTRATION FORM:&nbsp;<a href=https://forms.gle/dwFvP49ShpvRPnWK8 id=ow6178 __is_owner=true>https://forms.gle/<wbr>dwFvP49ShpvRPnWK8</a&gt;

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