Saturday, April 6, 11am-2pm. Meet author James Peters, whose new novel Fortune Falls, is out February 5th. He'll have all of his books available for sale and signing.
Jason Lahey's quiet, content life in small-town suburban Wisconsin is about to get rocked to its core.
It begins when fate leads him to a mysterious ancient slot machine in an abandoned field that delivers a foreboding message. Soon after, he is traumatized by his discovery of a disturbing death.
What follows is a downward spiral of actions and events that break through the façade of Jason's perfect life. That one death will uncover the guilt and regret of an unresolved past, introduce crises that threaten to tear his family apart, and attract external dangers that will put both him and his family at risk.
Meanwhile, a larger global threat awaits as the mysterious slot machine with its predictions of death and suffering looms over his neighborhood on an unmarked road in an abandoned field...waiting.
About the Author:

A lifelong Wisconsinite and lover of writing, James began his career in television production and moved on to all forms of marketing and advertising, always with a writing and creative focus. When not writing professionally or creatively, he invested significant time and money along with bandmates pursuing music.
​At the end of 2003, he and his wife Melanie left their careers, sold their home, and joined James's best friend and fellow musician on a multi-year musical focus performing live across Wisconsin (for the first time in their lives in their 30s). It was during that time James wrote his first two novels, Shrugging and Turntable (the latter very loosely inspired by their musical adventures).
​Having shook the music bug out of their systems, they transitioned back to careers. It wasn't until the pandemic and doing a small run of his first two novels that he discovered people seemed to enjoy his novels, and he dove back into his one true, life-long passion.
​He lives with his wife in the beautiful Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin, where he writes fiction, designs board games, and also occasionally does things to earn money.

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Dragon Tale Books, 216 Main St. E, Menomonie, WI, 54751
Dragon Tale Books, 216 Main St. E, Menomonie, WI, 54751

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