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Nashville singer-songwriter, Jordan Rainer, was born on March 25, 1990 and raised in the small town of Durant, Oklahoma. Jordan inherited a love of music from her parents, Jeff and Robin Self, who were music ministers in their local church, as well as guitar and voice teachers. While Jeff and Robin tried to give Jordan a more classical upbringing in piano and music theory, Jordan would found much more fun to pick out James Brown and Jerry Lee Lewis by ear. To this day, she can't read a note of music.

When it comes to playing quote-unquote, 'real music', all I can say is, 'mama tried', jokes Rainer. My amazing, patient mother- who is a world class pianist- would sit me down for 30 minute lessons, which I whined and complained through every second of... then as soon as she'd leave the room, I'd start picking out songs I knew by ear. And, well, I guess at some point she gave up because here I am with a career in country music and can't play Flight Of The Bumblebee on piano!

Jordan goes on to explain her rebellious streak this way, My dad was a 'by ear' guy too. He is a top-notch banjo/guitar/bass/mando picker- well, honestly, anything with strings. He could sit down with a brand new instrument and play a song on it five minutes later. I'm that way, too. He somewhat nurtured and encouraged that in me, and somewhere between mom and dad, I am what I am musically.

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Pablo Center at the Confluence
Pablo Center at the Confluence

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