Council President Emily Berge and City Manager Stephanie Hirsch are happy to announce the launch of a new engagement effort, which they plan to undertake each spring and fall.

District Discussions: Emily and Stephanie will be hosting four District meetings in the coming weeks and will be joined by District and At-Large Council Members and Neighborhood Associations.

Here's what they will do at each District Discussion:
• Share citywide and neighborhood-specific updates on topics such as zoning, development, street repair, public safety, parks, and more.
• Ask for your opinion through a resident survey.
• Try to answer any question you can think of...see if you can stump them!
• Share how residents can join an existing neighborhood association or form a new one if their block isn't part of one already.

City Circuit: Emily and Stephanie invite organizations to schedule a time for them to visit your civic group, church, book club, coffee klatch, social organization, classroom, happy hour group, or any other group interested in discussing life in Eau Claire. They will share an abbreviated version of the City update, ask your group members to complete the resident survey, and discuss any topic you are interested in. Pick out an available time here, or contact Stephanie to arrange a visit:

Spring District Discussions
April 1
6 - 8 p.m.
West: Buffington, Shawtown, Upper Westside, West Ridge, Silvermine, Sherman Creek, Lamplighter/Crestview
Delong Middle School Cafeteria - 2000 Vine St.

April 18
6 - 8 p.m.
North: Airport, Dells Park, North Side Hill, Princeton Valley, Sundet Park, Wells/Riverview, Pinehurst, Abby/Zephyr Hills
North High School Commons - 1801 Piedmont Rd.

March 18
Central: Eastside Hill, Randall Park, North River Fronts, Third Ward, Downtown
LE Phillips Senior Center - 1616 Bellinger St.

March 20
South: Putnam Heights, London Road, Oakwood Hills, Memorial, Randy's, Fairfax/South
South Middle School Cafeteria - 2115 Mitscher Ave.

Event Type
Delong Middle School - 2000 Vine St, Eau Claire, WI 54703-4978, United States
Delong Middle School - 2000 Vine St, Eau Claire, WI 54703-4978, United States

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