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Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network (SRWN) is to assemble a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to preserving the environment while maintaining the health and economic vitality of rural communities.

Vision for Rural Wisconsin

SRWN is devoted to promoting sustainable agriculture and agricultural policies that support environmentally sound, socially responsible, profitable agriculture. We picture a Wisconsin in the year 2020 as a state where many farms and agricultural businesses dot the landscape punctuated by vibrant rural communities. To achieve this vision, we must have the support of government programs and policies.

Our vision for agriculture - We envision appropriately sized farms that make full use of the nutrients generated by the livestock. Conditions for the livestock are such that antibiotics are not required in feed but instead are reserved for treatment of serious infections. These farms are fairly compensated and are family owned and operated for generations.

Our vision for communities - SRWN supports and promotes communities where the majority of foods consumed are generated within 300 miles and public facilities serve locally grown foods. Nearby urban areas partner with rural producers and utilize energy-efficient transportation systems to transport goods. Younger generations stay or return to their communities to farm or create value-added businesses that provide income and employment. Vibrant rural communities also include artists and home-based businesses. These communities are places where “green tourism” flourishes and provides urban dwellers the benefits of time spent in the rural landscape. Development in these communities is managed to preserve the bio-diversity of the landscape and agricultural land side by side.


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