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Speaker's Water Quality Hearing - Dunn County Officials

September 11, 2019 - 9:54pm

Speaker's Water Hearing Menomonie Dunn County Officials

Members of the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality met in Menomonie on September 4, 2019. 70 individuals attended the hearing along with the 13 Assembly members on the task force and local legislators Sentar Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, Senator Jeff Smith, D- Eau Claire, Rep. Jodi Emerson, D-Eau CLaire, and Rep Warren Petryk, R-Eleva. 

This video is the testimony of Dunn County officials including Dunn County Conservationist Daniel Prestebak, and Mike Kneer. The testimony covered multiple topics including the growth of no-till and cover crop conservation practices. Prestebak explained that Dunn County has about 400 miles of streams and waterways that are currently impaired. He also explained the relationship between healthy soils and healthy waterways.

Dunn County Health Department Director KT Gallagher said 60 percent of county residents get their drinking water from private wells and many people do not know if their water contains contaminants. Currently, there is no required water testing for wells other than at the time a new well is dug. She called for programs to provide incentives for well testing.

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