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Panel on Septic Spreading and Health Hazards

March 3, 2019 - 5:00pm
Paul Sterk at Septic Spreading Panel

Septic Spreading on Fields - what are the health hazards

The League of Women Voters of the Greater Chippewa Valley held a panel discussion on Feb. 28 on the health dangers of septage spreading on fields. The panel was moderated by Mark Leach, local ecologist. Panel members included Lindsay Olson, Dunn County Water Specialist, Paul Sterk, Waste Water Supervisor for Menomonie, Bob Colson, Planning and Zoning Manager for Dunn County, and Neil Koch, Retired Hydrologist. 

The evening covered many topics including potential health hazards of septage, how sewage is handled in Menomonie, the challenges of handling the septage, and the particular issues caused by housing developments in the area that use private wells and septic systems. As Neil Koch pointed out, in these environments you can count on the fact that within ten years you will be drinking your neighbor's septage.

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