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Legal Challenge filed to Foxconn water diversion

May 26, 2018 - 1:58pm
Great Lakes Map

On 5/25 Midwest Environmental Advocates filed a suit to challenge the recent DNR approval of diverting water from Lake Michigan to suppy the upcomfing Foxconn project.  The gist of the suit is that the DNR mis-interpreted the provision in the Great Lakes Compact allowing water diversions. The compoact requires that water diversions be made for public water supply purposes. Racine had argued that since the city primarily uses residential water that the diversion was appilcable. MEA (and a lot of other people) thought this was an unreasonable reding, and that since the diversion was exclusively for industrial use it did not make sense to call it public even if the aggregate water use was primarily residential. 

The press release from MEA is attached.  Map courtesy of MEA.

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