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Hi-Crush spill slowly pouring into the Mississippi

May 24, 2018 - 2:08pm
Spill in Trempeauleau River
Spill in Trempealeau Rivewr

I happened to be in Perrot State Park yesterday, and as we were driving up to the park I immediately notieced the plume of yellow silty water flowing into the MIssissippi from the Trempealeau River. The yellow flow of water is slowly starting to disappear into the Mississipi as it becomes diluted, but there is still a fairly heavy flow of silt coming in.

The main photo with the article is water flowing through the Trempealeau River near the Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge. The other photos are of the MIssissippi and the Trempealeau after and before they merge. Although the leak at the Whitehall facility has stopped, there is still a lot of flow coming down through the Trempealeau. I suspect this will remain visible for some time.

We have not heard back from the DNR on the status of the samples taken from the river, and they have not yet issued a press release on that matter. Hi-Crush is claiming that the water is safe and will not cause any issues (although one has to wonder about the effects on fish in the two rivers even if there is nothing but silt and mud in the flow). 

The latest reports on the leak indicate there may have been a 10 million gallon release across the fields and into the creek near the facility.

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Steve Hanson
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