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Dunn County Clean Water Forum

December 1, 2017 - 12:15pm
Jeff Smith Moderates
Jeff Smith Moderator

Dun County Clean Water Forum

#4b4f56;">Clean Water Forum, November 27

#4b4f56;">7PM in Dunn County Judicial Center 615 Stokke Pkwy, Menomonie

This forum was informative as well as discouraging. 
#4b4f56;">Panelists are listed below, and all gave impassioned defenses of water in Wisconsin. We continue to believe that clean water is a finite resource in the state (or at least our legislature believes this) as we continue to retrench on the Wisconsin policy of preserving water and our environment. 

Also included below is a slide deck from Dan Zerr's presentation, and we will also be including a few more links to resources over the next few days. 

#4b4f56;">Pat Skogen, long-time Farmer's Union leader, retired organic dairy farmer, who is currently working with Green County Defending our Farmland to fight the Tuls/Bader Pinnacle Dairy's 6000 cow factory farm. Pat is a fierce advocate for family farms and rural farming communities, helping them to organize to res#4b4f56;">ist the growing CAFO threat.

Scott Laeser, Water Program Director, Clean Wisconsin, primarily focused on water quality issues pertaining to agriculture. Scott works with farmers and agricultural groups to reduce run-off and improve water quality. He implements conservation practices
such as cover crops, grass waterways, restored wetlands and prairies on his own vegetable farm near Argyle, WI.

Dan Zerr, UW-Extension Natural Resources Educator and Red Cedar Watershed Conference Planning Committee member. Dan will discuss the current status of area groundwater, lakes and streams.

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