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The Shift: Disaster Capitalism, Plastics Edition (Episode 3)

WisCommunity will be reviving its Environmental Film Series that was being set up when the pandemic started. We will be having a special showing of the new film The Story of Plastic. You can watch it virtually on-line, and we will also have a panel discussion after the screening with some community partners. This event listing is for the discussion. We will announce how you can watch the film online shortly.

Registration for the film is now closed. 


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How do I sign up for the story of plastic screening for Saturday night?

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The Signup form is right here on the article. It's the form called Community Talks Signup.  If you sign up  you will get an email with a link to see the film and how to watch the panel discussion on Saturday. You can watch the film any time between when you get the link and Sunday morning, after which the film will stop showing. Please just fill out the form right here on this article.

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Hi, thanks for sharing all the information, 

Would you like to tell us What is the alternative in the near future? How could we stop plastic production? Would lobbies accept it easily? Of course not, so what is the strategy to make sure the future economy will be sustainable?! 


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You could start by going to the action section of the website for the film. There is good information there about stopping the proliferation of plastic. Ther is also some good information in the film itself. 

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Apr 25 2020 - 6:00pm