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Email Tempest in a Teapot Fuels Righty Blogger Indignation

This week&;s cause celebre in the Wisconsin Rightysphere appears to be alleged email improprieties on the part of Tony Evers and Jeff Dieckert.  Starting off with a barrage of claims on the part of Mari Belling on the radio, there&;ve been allegations that Tony Evers has had campaign discussions with Dieckert on government email. 

Now of course, Belling has not appeared to have actually released the documents in question, so at the moment we have his word for it.  

But further clarification seems to have appeared later today, as the that this was an email exchange that started out as official business, and moved to campaign matters, which caused Evers to start using his personal email to correspoond with Dickert.  But apparently he sent an email in the exchange to DIckert&;s government address.   I don&;t know if any of you have never accidentally mis-addressed an email - I know I have - and emailing to the right person at the wrong address is actually a fairly understandable mistake. I am in fact proud to live in a state where an accidental mistaken To: line in an email can be passed off as a major political scandal, even if only for a day. - I guess in general that must be a good indication of the level of corruption in the state government.

Even Evers&; opponent Rose Fernandez says she wants to move on - And I suggest the same to the blogospherre - unless of course Belling actually has some substantive goods to show rather than a bunch of unpublished allegations. 


March 25, 2009 - 7:41pm