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Election fraud: Calling Tuesday's event an election

The system finally made a non-voter out of me yesterday.

I've probably voted in 98% of the elections I could participate in since I turned 21 (voting age back in those dark ages).

But in the city of Milwaukee yesterday my choices on the ballot would have been a half dozen circuit court judges, all incumbents running unopposed. I would have had more choices, or at least as many, in the old Soviet Union.

I could have skipped over some to express my displeasure, while giving my favorites an extra vote they didn't need. Or I could have written in myself, Mickey Mouse, Groucho, Karl or one of the other Marx brothers.

But it wasn't worth the walk across the park in the rain to go to the polling place and wake up the napping election workers.

Whatever the city of Milwaukee spent on Tuesday's farce was a true waste of money.

Why not move these local elections to the fall, when voter participation might be in double digits?


April 7, 2010 - 1:31pm