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Economic Forum Gets Wisconsin Unionists Ready for GOTV Mobilization

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Sue Ledbetter, Labor 2008 state director for Wisconsin, reports on a labor council meeting inMilwaukee.


This month, the ’s
monthly delegate meeting featured a special economic forum panel discussion introduced by council Secretary-Treasurer Sheila Cochran: “Wrong Directions for the Economy.”

This meeting is part of the AFL-CIO’s nationwide economic education and political mobilization efforts. With and ,
working families are feeling the squeeze, and the economy is sure to
figure prominently in this fall’s election. Union members are attending
local meetings to get the facts they need for effective political
outreach and carrying out union voter mobilization and education
efforts through around the country.

The panel featured four presenters:

  • Michael Rosen, Local 212 president and economics professor at Milwaukee Area Technical College.
  • Jack Norman, research director for the . Norman helped organize his workplace with -CWA as a business reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
  • Sangita Nayak, organizer for , National Association of Working Women. Nayak was involved in the recent paid sick days campaign in Milwaukee.
  • Sachin Cheda of the .

Rosen said although the nation has seen economic growth, the benefits are
unevenly distributed, making the economy seriously out of balance:

real problem in the economy is that even when it has been growing over
the last several years, it hasn’t been growing for you, me or us. Union
power ensured that as our output increased we received some of the

The fractured economy provides more proof that working people need the so they can form unions and collectively bargain, Rosen says.



July 8, 2008 - 4:55pm