Doyle and Domestic Partner Benefits

I thought I would forward over this action alert from the folks at Fair Wisconsin:

Today Governor Jim Doyle will release his budget proposal to the
Wisconsin Legislature. For the first time, he will call on state
lawmakers to extend domestic partner health insurance to all
state employees.

Please urge your state lawmakers to support domestic partner
benefits today. Click here to send a message:

The balance of power shifted in the state legislature last
November. It won't be easy, but for the first time ever there is
a chance domestic partner benefits could become a reality. This
won't happen unless we ratchet up the pressure on lawmakers to
do the right thing.

They need to know that providing domestic partner benefits is
a matter of fairness and competitiveness.

Currently state employees can share health insurance with
their married spouses. Yet domestic partners are denied this
basic way to care for their families. A state employee who
married his wife last week can share his health insurance with
her, yet a gay couple together for over 30 years cannot.

The denial of equal benefits isn't just bad for our families.
It's bad for Wisconsin. Hundreds of private companies offer
domestic partner benefits because it helps them attract and
retain talented workers. Wisconsin is falling behind. For
example, UW-Madison is the only Big 10 school without domestic
partner benefits, and it's led to top researchers leaving the
state. The Governor's proposal will fix this problem.

Please urge your lawmakers to support domestic partner
benefits today:

Fair Wisconsin has updated our list of employers across the
state that offer domestic partner benefits. Please email us if
you know of a company that offers domestic partner benefits not
yet on the list. Click here:


Fair Wisconsin

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February 13, 2007 - 11:46am