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Doyle Reverses Himself on DNR Secretary

Governor Doyle has for years supported the idea of an independent DNR secretary.  This system served Wisconsin well for many years, until the Thompson administration, which changed the DNR secretary from being chosen by the DNR board to being chosen by the Governor. Yet, now that for the first time there is a real chance for the bill to move the secretary back to being appointed by the DNR board, Doyle has magically reversed his position.  The position that he has held for most of his term in office.  The position he has campaigned on. The position on which he possibly could now win.  Yet - this week he explained to conservationists around the state that he has changed his mind, and that a governor-appointed secretary serves the state best. 

This is ironic, as it was only last week that I and over 600 other Wisconsinites went to Madison for Conservation Lobby Day - at which one of the primary agenda items was to lobby to pass the bill currently under consideration to put the DNR secretary back under control of the board. Doyle&;s response to this lobbying effort was to send an email saying that he had changed his mind (letter attached below). 

Since the secretary has been governor appointed, governors of both parties have appointed people to the position based much more on political convenience than on abilities or background suitable to the job. It&;s time for this to stop, and for us to reverse what was a bad decision initially, and which has proved to continue to be a bad decision.

Please consider contacting your legislators through the Legislative Hotline at 800-362-9472. Also - it might be helpful to remind the Governor of his campaign promises by calling his office at 608-266-1212.


March 5, 2009 - 12:49pm