DoJ on Biskupic Prosecution: 'How in the heck did this case get brought?'

Via () - As the politicalization of the DoJ and numerous other Bush administration agencies has become clear in the public mind, the House Committee on the Judiciary Chair, John Conyers, on the discredited Georgia Thompson prosecution, tossed out of a Seventh Circuit's appellate panel.

The e-mail as recounted in reads:

In , Craig Donsanto, the Election Crimes Branch Director and a well-respected veteran of the Department, responds to an email from Raymond Hulser, Deputy Chief of the Department's Public Integrity Section, who forwarded to Donsanto overturning Thompson's conviction.

Donsanto asked in the e-mail: "Bad facts make bad law. How in the heck did this case get brought?"

U.S. Atty Stephen Biskupic has denied that political considerations ever entered his deliberations on whom his office decided to prosecute, though several high-profile cases were consonant with Republican political priorities, and Biskupic was on the e before the string of highly questionable prosecutions.

Biskupic-prosecuted cases widely perceived as assisting Republican political priorities include: Alleged voter fraud, the exonerated Georgia Thompson case, and the unprecedented prosecution (in the middle of a VA claim) against a who exasperated the politicized VA, now facing a .

The examination of Biskupic is part of the House Committee's efforts scrutinizing otherDemocrats.



September 6, 2007 - 7:58am